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Over the last 19 years, Dr. Seepersad has worked on a number of projects across the Caribbean Region. These include value chain assessments as well as market and supply analyses of fresh produce markets, both in the region and internationally. This included socio-economic analysis of producers and intermediaries and buyers along the supply and marketing chains as well as assessments of marketing and post-harvest infrastructure and marketing opportunities both domestic and abroad for fresh agricultural produce, meats and fish. Other market assessment studies include opportunities within the farming sector for convenience foods (pre-packed vegetables) in selected CARICOM countries.

At the regional level, fisheries studies include assessment of the effects of trade liberalization and trade related policies on fisheries and measures required for their sustainable development in the CARIFORUM / CARICOM Region while specific country studies include the effects of pollution and coastal development on Fisheries as well as other socio-economic studies.

In terms of agro-industry development, Dr Seepersad recently conducted a Strategic Framework Development of the Fruit Industry in Grenada.   Other projects include assessment of invasive species eradication programme in the eastern Caribbean including the French islands as well as a number of international competitiveness / trade studies for the CARICOM secretariat. Commodities included here - Small Ruminants, Sweet Potato, Coconuts, Hot Peppers and Papaya.

In addition to the above, Dr.  Seepersad also participated in a number of trade policy impact studies for the CARICOM region, some of which were used to inform International trade negotiations. Dr.  Seepersad also did extensive studies on the changes in the trading regime of the EU/ACP on the Caribbean sugar industry and has initiated work on the impact of the EPA on CARICOM/CARIFORUM rice industry.

Dr. Seepersad has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, in both Trinidad and Tobago and in the Region. His marketing and consulting experience spans the Caribbean, North America and the UK and he lectures in trade policy analysis at the University of the West Indies.

Dr. Seepersad has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus; his thesis was ”An Assessment of the Potential Liberalization of the European Union and North American Sugar Markets on the CARICOM Raw Sugar Industry.”