A-Z International consultants LIMITED

International Economics Ltd is an independent management consultancy firm conceived as a natural progression from performing independent advisory services in market intelligence, policy advisory and negotiation support in 60 countries worldwide.

Its founder, Paul Baker, has been working for 20 years in the area of international and private sector development, as both a long and short-term senior advisor. In the last decade, he has been specifically engaged in macroeconomic and trade advisory services to governments, secretariats and associations, holding such positions as chief technical advisor in East Africa, mission chief in West Africa, senior negotiation expert in the Caribbean and head of trade and macroeconomic programmes in Asia. In order to expand the reach and increase the responsiveness of his consultancy services, as well as training up a new generation of trade economists, he established this company.

Based in Mauritius, International Economics Ltd has significant in-house expertise to undertake economic analysis. The company has hired additional staff with experience working in private management consultancies.

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